Türkiye Sigorta publishes its
2022 Sustainability Report

Türkiye Sigorta has released its Sustainability Report with the slogan 'Positive Impact for the Future.’ 

Türkiye Sigorta, aiming to provide solutions in every aspect of life with its agile, innovative, and sensitive approach and to meet the expectations of its policyholders with competitive insurance products, continues to take steps in the field of sustainability.   

Adopting a sustainability-based service approach with a sense of responsibility towards society and the environment, Türkiye Sigorta has published its 2022 Sustainability Report. The report highlights Türkiye Sigorta's steps in the field of sustainability, stating that in 2022, the total premium production in the sector increased by 123% to reach 235 billion TL.  

Umut Kovancı, the Director of Investor Relations at Türkiye Sigorta, mentioned that the company's innovative approaches, along with environmentally friendly practices, contribute to the continuous improvement of its performance in the field of sustainability. He stated, “All the results we achieved in 2022 came to life as successful financial outcomes of our 'sustainable leadership' approach. Our goal is to strengthen our sustainable leadership in production and profitability, while also spreading the insurance culture in our country and bringing our industry to the position it deserves. In the light of the vision of 'positive insurance for the future,' we continued our sustainability practices in 2022 without interruption, aiming to increase the value we create and share with our capital elements.”  

Strong Steps in Sustainability

Stating that they have identified the steps they will take by reviewing their priorities within the scope of corporate sustainability, Kovancı continued his words as follows: “In the fight against climate change, we provide coverage for renewable energy projects and protect the products of our farmers with our agricultural insurance products. In our operational processes, we implement practices to reduce our environmental impact. In line with our Climate Change Strategy, we have expanded the scope of efforts to determine our carbon footprint with the measurement of Scope-3 emissions. We continue to support the development of our colleagues with various certificate programs.”

Inclusive practices supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy

The report also emphasized that Türkiye Sigorta continues to be there for its policyholders with inclusive, low-carbon economy-supporting, sustainably priced products in line with the evolving dynamics of the industry and the primary expectations of its customers, guided by the philosophy of 'Insurance for Everyone. The report highlighted the efforts made by Türkiye Sigorta to increase employee motivation and satisfaction. As a result of these initiatives, in 2022, the company obtained the 'Great Place To Work' certification according to the Trust Index Survey conducted by the Great Place To Work Institute. In 2022, Türkiye Sigorta included various sustainability practices such as taking on the title sponsorship for the Basketball Super League, sponsoring the Amputee Football Team, being one of the sponsors of the Insurance and Risk Management Awareness Strengthening Training (ESİB) campaign, which is planned as the insurance industry's most extensive education initiative for the widespread promotion of insurance awareness in society, and creating a Memorial Forest with 10,000 trees for a greener future.

Türkiye Sigorta's 2022 Sustainability Report can be accessed from the following link:


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