KASIDER " David Kohen 2022/2023 My Student Sibling" Project

KASIDER is proud to have successfully completed the first semester of my Student Sibling project!

Sema Tufekciler (President) said the following about the issue; “However, even greater pride is the honor we experience by naming the 2nd term as the name of the program, after the invaluable veteran insurer, Mr. David Kohen, whom we lost last month.”

“Born in Istanbul on January 24, 1924, David Kohen graduated from St Michel French High School. Kohen, who had to leave his university education unfinished under the conditions of the period, became the founding partner of Marko Kohen and Son Collective Company after working as an insurance agency with his father Marko Kohen in Istanbul in 1949. Kohen founded Kositas Insurance in 1980 and continued his active business life until 2011.

Kohen, who has a very deep knowledge of insurance and has always made it his duty to learn, is the most valuable person who can give his name to this project with his ageless identity in every period, especially his interest in young people and his sympathy for KASIDER in the recent period. We wish him mercy, we will continue to keep his name alive with young people."

Tüfekçiler said: “We are very happy to have successfully completed the First Term of the "Student Sibling" Project, which we started as the Women's Insurers Association (KASIDER) with the aim of preparing our 34 successful female students in the 3rd and 4th grades of Marmara University, Faculty of Financial Sciences, Insurance Department, to prepare them for the sector, to introduce them to the insurance profession and to make them love it during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Within the scope of the project, a team of 34 volunteers consisting of female managers working in different departments of the insurance industry supported and mentored our students for 1 year on “Companion from Campus to Office”.

We would like to express with great satisfaction that both sides have gained very nice experiences and that the program has achieved its goal in this journey that we have been carrying out together with Özlem Karacaoğlu, who is the coordinator of the project, and which has lasted for 1 year.

We hope that the 2nd Term of this project, which we started in order to help students get to know business life and the practices of the insurance industry better before they start working in the insurance sector in addition to the theoretical training given mainly in schools, will be beneficial for all parties and that the paths of our fellow students will be clear and bright.”  

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KASIDER " David Kohen 2022/2023 My Student Sibling" Project
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