“We offer industry-specific solutions focused
on damages”

Tur Assist, which provides emergency assistance services to millions of customers in many sectors, including insurance, automotive, and finance, is preparing to implement another customer-oriented project in the assistance sector. With the artificial intelligence-supported TurApp application, Tur Assist aims to facilitate services for damaged vehicles and provide trust to the customer. "It will not only save time, but it will also be an application that we have designed with our customers' costs in mind," said Tur Assist General Manager Timur Selçuk Turan, adding, "Our biggest motivation is customer satisfaction. TurApp is an application that both our customers and our suppliers in the field can actively track their road assistance processes. Now we are integrating our damage-focused solutions into this application. Thus, we will offer multiple opportunities within the correct uncertain damage detection service and be the biggest helpers of our customers to complete this process with confidence."

Tur Assist, which has been operating in the assistance sector for 27 years, continues to provide solutions to its customers with the damage-focused services it plans to integrate into the TurApp application. Tur Assist, which provides uninterrupted service 24/7, will achieve fast reaction with its new project, thus ensuring that the process progresses more quickly. Before the damaged vehicle is loaded onto the tow truck, it will be photographed and analyzed through the artificial intelligence-supported TurApp application.

What will damage-focused solutions offer to customers?

As Turkey's leading assistance company, Tur Assist aims to provide customers with accurate and fast spare part reference information with this project. With the help of AI-powered software, vehicle and hardware information will be accurately identified through chassis number and customers will be given the correct estimated damage amount. One of the advantages of damage-focused solutions is that it will save time. With the application, the process of damage assessment carried out by experts will be accelerated, and the spare parts supply process will be much shorter than the usual flow. The application will also provide effective expert assignment according to the damage and prevent misuse.

"We will provide both cost and time savings"

Tur Assist CEO Timur Selçuk Turan, who mentioned the many conveniences the application will provide, also emphasized the importance of customer satisfaction. Turan said, "We operate with a different, multi-channel, and innovative perspective. We identify the needs of the sector with accurate assessments and carry out customer-oriented projects. Our greatest motivation in the 27-year journey we have taken is customer satisfaction. With this application, we will provide multiple opportunities under the scope of pre-expertise service and we will be the biggest helpers for our customers to complete this process with confidence. This project will not only save time, but it will also be a project that we think of our customers' costs."

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“We offer industry-specific solutions focused on damages”
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