"We will celebrate our 34th anniversary with projects that will make our business
partners happy"

Unico Sigorta General Manager Ender Güzeler hosted the sectoral media with his team. In the meeting, where he talked about Unico Sigorta's 34 years and future line, Güzeler also evaluated the sector. Güzeler said: “We are working on projects that will delight our business partners and be described as the 'first in the industry.’”

Ender Güzeler, General Manager of Unico Sigorta, one of the leading companies in the insurance sector, answered the journalists’ questions together with Deputy General Managers Emine Talay Turan and Murat Tuvay. Talking about Unico Sigorta's deep-rooted history of 34 years, Güzeler said: “The most important legacy of great institutions is their deep-rooted past. We also have very deep-rooted insurance history. We share our 34-year experience with young people and combine it with their dynamic structure. We carry out processes with our employees and business partners in the light of universal values.”

"We are happy with our agents.”

Güzeler said they have no plans to make direct sales as Unico Sigorta shortly and said: “We are happy with our existing agents. We will continue all our sales processes with them, and as a company, we will not turn to direct sales in the short term. We are not planning to increase the number of agents significantly.” Güzeler said that they have many projects that will delight the agencies and said: “We will make our business partners smile with both our product content and 2 new travel campaigns.” Ender Güzeler also explained that they have renewed the content of UniKonut and UniKasko products and said: “We aim to make our insured happy with more comprehensive coverage and our agents happy with the high commission rates we provide.” Güzeler also mentioned a question-answer system for agencies and said, “We are working on a new system in which our agents ask one-on-one questions to the business experts and get clear answers. This is one of the important projects for us. We want them to find point-by-point answers to all their questions under the name of Unico - Academy.”

“We focus on solving problems completely, not partially, and we care more about this than increasing sales.”

General Manager Güzeler said: “As Unico Sigorta, we have focused on solution sales, not policy sales, by putting customer needs and user experience design at the center of our business model. We always focus on solving the problem. That's what's more important to us than the sales figures. We want to not pass by the solution to the problems of the insured or our agents, but to partially solve them and continue selling—eliminating that problem. We know this is not an easy or risk-free target. We are doing our work in this direction.” Explaining that they will announce new projects every four months, Güzeler said, “These projects will be the ‘first’ projects in the sector. We work with a strong team on projects that excite our business partners and the sector.”

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