A protocol has been signed on the Master's
(Non-Thesis) Program created in cooperation with Turkish Reinsurance and Yildiz Technical University

The signing ceremony of the protocol on the Master's Degree (without Thesis) Program, created in cooperation with Turkish Reinsurance and Yildiz Technical University and aimed at the development of candidates for managers and scientific work in the insurance sector, was held on June 7 in the historic Otag-i Humayun building on the YTU Davutpasa Campus. 

With the cooperation protocol signed between Türk Reasürans AŞ and Yıldız Technical University, 30 students with full scholarship will be provided with free education in the Business Administration Secondary Education (Non-Thesis) Master's program. The aim of the full scholarship program is to train managers and entrepreneurs who have adopted universal values in the insurance sector and give importance to governance, and to provide job and career opportunities in the sector, especially in reinsurance, marketing, sales, production, finance-accounting, management and organization.

Within the framework of the Reinsurance sub-program that will be opened under the Master's program in Business Management, Turkish Reinsurance will transfer knowledge and experience in the field of “reinsurance”, which is the main field of activity, to students who will participate in the training.

Students will study face-to-face every weekday between 19:00-21:50 in the program in the form of a total of 10 lessons plus a term project during two semesters. The program will start taking students in the Fall semester of 2022-2023. 

Candidates who will apply for a full scholarship will be able to apply by using the online infrastructure of Yıldız Technical University, lisansustu.yildiz.edu.tr. Evaluation of applications and written and oral exams are planned to be held at the beginning of September 2022.

Selva Eren, General Manager of Türk Reinsurance, said that this program, which has been opened for the insurance sector, is one of the steps of the mission of “developing projects that will contribute to the decency of the sector”, which is one of the goals of the establishment of Türk Reinsurance. In her speech, Eren explained that the candidates who will complete this Master's Program with the support of Türk Reinsurance will be equipped in the fields of insurance and reinsurance with the vocational and technical training support of Türk Reinsurance, and that they will use what they have learned here for the benefit of the industry. 

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