Aksigorta receives a shower of awards
for its digital projects

Aksigorta continues to be awarded for its projects implemented with a focus on digitization. At the IDC Future Enterprise Awards, Aksigorta was awarded the "Project of the Year" in its respective categories for the "Smart Scoring with AI" project. Additionally, within the scope of the Future of Cloud & AI Awards, Aksigorta received the "Project of the Year" award for the IPA (Identical Photo Agent) and Smart Scoring with AI projects.  

Aksigorta, powered by its digital transformation efforts, continues to provide a customer-centric insurance experience and receives recognition through its digital projects. At the 4th IDC Turkey DX Summit, Aksigorta's Smart Scoring with AI project was awarded first place in the "Best in Future of Operations" category at the IDC Future Enterprise Awards. In the Future of Cloud & AI Awards, the IPA (Identical Photo Agent) project was selected as the "Project of the Year" in the "Artificial Intelligence" category, and the Smart Scoring with AI project was chosen as the "Project of the Year" in the "Data & Advanced Analytics" category. The Smart Scoring with AI project that earned Aksigorta awards involves combining business knowledge, experience, and artificial intelligence models for catastrophic risks to establish an end-to-end Smart Scoring structure based on customer-specific locations. The One Scoring structure created for all catastrophic risks is enhanced with Augmented Intelligence. In this project that reduces the dependency on agents' authorization, Aksigorta has strengthened accurate risk calculation and the most ideal pricing approach even more through advanced local-level risk analyses. In the IPA (Identical Photo Agent) project, the developed model operates in a cloud environment to detect attempts at fraud by comparing identical or similar photos found in different files in the electronic device damage processes.  

Human power and artificial intelligence are coming together

Being pleased with being awarded for the projects they have implemented, Kaan Konak, Deputy General Manager of Aksigorta, stated, "We are very proud to achieve category first places in the highly prestigious international award programs. We constantly update our risk assessments for rapid adaptation to dynamic market conditions. We strategically manage our portfolio for optimal risk distribution. We integrate human knowledge and experience with the rich experiences of our business units, establish artificial intelligence models, and create an augmented intelligence structure. The realm of digitalization knows no boundaries, and it's an area where we progress by building on it every day. When we combine the powers of human and artificial intelligence, our range expands in the competitive arena, and projects that bring such pride emerge.”

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