The 20th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship took place in Bodrum

Thousands of athletes competed in the largest swimming competition in our country and the Mediterranean, where Quick Finans participated as the financial sponsor.

Hapimag Sea Garden Resort Bodrum hosted the 20th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship, the most comprehensive swimming competition among countries with a coastline on the Mediterranean, on November 4-5, 2023. The Aquamasters championship, hosted by Hapimag Sea Garden for the seventh time, is sponsored by prestigious brands from our country and around the world, making it one of the important events that brings vitality to the region at the end of the tourism season.

The International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship, sponsored by Quick Finans, aimed at increasing awareness about the sport of swimming and reaching a wide audience of all ages, took place at Hapimag Sea Garden Resort Bodrum this year with the support of Bodrum Municipality.

In the competitions where the first start was given by the Governor of Bodrum, Mustafa Çit, Aquamasters Board Chairman Selçuk Demirel, and Quick Finans Board Member and Maher Holding Insurance Group Chairman Ahmet Yaşar, along with General Manager Nihat Karadağ, were present. The championship, which started with the Skoda 3K race on November 4th, consisted of stages such as Skoda 2K, Shell 100th Year night race, Hapimag Sea Garden 5K, Setur Marinas 1K, and Jotun 4x400 Relay race. In this championship, 2,600 athletes from different countries and age groups competed in 8 separate categories.

“We are extremely pleased to support the sport of swimming through our collaboration with Aquamasters”

Quick Finans General Manager Nihat Karadağ, who shared his views on the matter said: “I'm glad to continue our support, which started with the 19th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships hosted by Heybeliada Water Sports Club on September 2-3, in Bodrum with the 20th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship and the Republic Cup. We believe that supporting the sport of swimming is another way of embracing our seas and Blue Homeland that people of all ages widely appreciate. We will continue to support the Aquamasters Swimming Championships, which play a significant role in achieving this goal.” Expressing his passion for the seas as a swimmer and participant, Nihat Karadağ, the General Manager of Quick Finans, stated, "Our support for this important event is not only through sponsorship but also by actively participating in the competitions. Both I and my colleagues have participated in individual or team competitions. Winning medals in Bodrum after the race in Heybeliada was an additional source of excitement and pride for me," he added.
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