MetLife Turkey employees breathed life into
24,500 trees with their second forest

Operating in more than 40 countries worldwide, MetLife, in collaboration with the Aegean Forest Foundation and Arbor Day Foundation on behalf of its employees in Turkey, created a second memorial forest with 24,500 trees in Istanbul-Şile-Sahilköy and Manisa-Gördes regions. The tree planting event took place in Istanbul-Şile-Sahilköy, where the saplings met the soil.

MetLife Emeklilik ve Hayat General Manager Deniz Yurtseven, Aegean Forest Foundation Deputy General Manager Yasemen Bilgili, and employees from the Foundation and MetLife Turkey participated in the tree planting event.

In his speech at the event, Deniz Yurtseven, the General Manager of MetLife Emeklilik ve Hayat, stated, “As MetLife, representing a global insurance company in our country comes with responsibilities. We continue to serve as a force for good, acting with the awareness of our responsibilities to nature for the goal of a sustainable world. In line with this goal, we have set sustainability as one of our success criteria. As part of our sustainability initiatives, we announced that we will plant 5 million trees by 2030. By investing in nature-based solutions, we are contributing millions of trees to our planet. This valuable initiative, which we launched with the globalde Arbor Day Foundation under the leadership of the MetLife Foundation and the Aegean Forest Foundation in our country, is an important occasion for us to expand our environmental investments to include our employees. I hope that our saplings in Istanbul-Şile and Manisa-Gördes in Turkey will grow and flourish in beautiful days, and that our contribution to nature will continue to increase.”

Yasemen Bilgili, Deputy General Manager of the Aegean Forest Foundation, stated, “Thanks to the support from MetLife Emeklilik ve Hayat for the afforestation projects we conducted in collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation in Istanbul-Şile-Sahilköy and Manisa-Gördes, a total of 24,500 saplings will grow on an area of 150 hectares on behalf of your employees. Last year, with your support, 8,700 saplings planted on behalf of your employees continue to grow on their way to becoming a forest. The increasing pressures on forests due to human and climate change pose risks to important values and vital services every day. Yet, all global life depends on and is indispensable to forests. It is highly valuable that MetLife, by creating new forest areas on behalf of your employees, consistently supports afforestation projects each year, and manages your environmental impacts with the goal of leaving a sustainable world for the future. In our afforestation projects, locals, especially women, are employed to provide economic benefits to the local villagers. Therefore, the multiplier effect of your support generates many benefits in environmental, economic, and social aspects.”

Yasemen Bilgili, Deputy General Manager of the Aegean Forest Foundation, thanked the MetLife employees for their contributions to nature and presented a plaque to Deniz Yurtseven, the General Manager of MetLife Emeklilik ve Hayat. After the speeches, the seedlings were brought together with the soil by MetLife employees and given life juices.

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