The 11th International Quick Sigorta Balıkesir Motorcycle Festival broke the participant record

One of Turkey's best motorcycle festivals, the International Quick Sigorta Balıkesir Motorcycle Festival, met motorcycle enthusiasts for the 11th time between August 3-6, 2023.

Organized by Balıkesir Motorcycle Club 10Riders and hosted by the Quick Routes team Özgür-Dilek Candar, the festival concluded this year at Susurluk Çaylak Recreation Area with the participation of around 16,000 people. Not only from Turkey but also from around the world with international participants, motorcycle enthusiasts from countries like the United States, Germany, Bolivia, Greece, Bulgaria, Iran, Georgia, and Kazakhstan joined the festival.

With the "World's Largest Motorcycle Convoy Guinness Record" under its belt, the highlight of the festival this year was once again the Quick Sigorta booth and the various entertaining activities.

"We feel at home” 

Ahmet Yaşar, the President of Maher Holding Insurance Group, expressed his great satisfaction with being the annual main sponsor of the festival. He said, "The motorcycle community is like our family. Every interaction we have with them is exciting for us, but the Balıkesir Motorcycle Festival holds a special place for us. We lend our name to this festival, and every year we come here to meet, satisfy our longing, and enjoy a few days. We feel at home. While keeping up with the motorcycle world's agenda, we also see these events as areas to discover innovations where we can come up with solutions.”

Nurettin Güney, the Mayor of Susurluk, who followed the festival at the Quick Sigorta booth, remarked, "It was a very enjoyable festival for us, where the people of Susurluk had the opportunity to get to know the motorcycle community up close and change their potential prejudices with very positive feelings. The number of participants was really high, and the people of our city had a wonderful three days. I find Quick Sigorta's support very accurate and valuable, and I congratulate Özgür and Dilek.”

Eyüp Özsoy, the General Manager of Quick Sigorta, commented on the interest shown by participants at the Quick Sigorta booth, saying, "We redesign our booth every year with both entertainment and informative purposes. This year, we added very entertaining games and gifts. At the same time, we listened to the questions and issues of motorcycle riders. In the future, just as always, we will continue to stand by motorcycle enthusiasts.”

A Packed Festival Program

During the "Trust Me" game, participants with a Q boomerang tried to pass water balloons through an empty space, and they also engaged in a fun activity that required trusting each other. Throughout the 3-day event, winners of the competition were rewarded with traffic insurance.

In addition to activities like VR balance and the Quick Focus game, participants who took part in the "QuickAnswer" quiz, answering questions correctly, received valuable technological prizes.

Exclusive Traffic Accident Supplementary Health Insurance for Quick Customers from Quick Sigorta

Moreover, individuals who are Quick Sigorta customers and participate in the draw by presenting their insurance policies were gifted with Traffic Accident Supplementary Health Insurance, while in this year's grand draw, 20 people received fuel gift vouchers. 

Parade of Stars at the Festival

The 11th Balıkesir Motorcycle Festival witnessed unforgettable moments with a star-studded night sky during the summer evenings. Artists such as Can Gox, Seferiler, Retrobüs, Necati ve Saykolar, and Eksi Altı, along with motorcycle phenomena like 2Teker2Yürek, Sonsuz Rota, Saliha Özkan, Hataylı Muhammet, Kolaçan, Motorcycle Arena, and İsmail Biçer, took their place in the area, providing excitement through their songs. In addition to Quick Sigorta's surprise gifts, participants won various beautiful prizes through games and draws at other booth areas.
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