Turkish Nippon Supplementary Health Insurance provides coverage up to the age of 70 

The increased demand for Supplementary Health Insurance products has led to an expansion in product variety. The CHI product continues to grow with its plans that cater to every budget.

Taking place in the sector with We Have Your Health in the Complementary Health Insurance product and Türk Nippon Insurance Standard CHI, Türk Nippon Insurance continues to position its products according to the needs of its customers by offering alternatives to its participants in line with their needs with these products.

Turkish Nippon Insurance General Manager Dr E Baturalp Pamukçu stated that insurance companies have started to take actions to meet this demand due to the increasing demand for the Complementary Health Insurance product and said: “Due to the increasing need for CHI product, we strive to reach our customers by highlighting the products we offer for this branch with both our campaigns and updates to direct our customers correctly by drawing attention to the content of this product with satisfactory information. We have made significant changes to our Turkish Nippon Supplementary Health Insurance product. The most important change is that we have raised the age limit from 59 to 70. Everyone, including those aged 70 and with SGK registration, will be able to benefit from this product. This is a first in the industry.”

Turkish Nippon Sigorta General Manager, Dr. E. Baturalp Pamukçu, stated that customers with Supplementary Health Insurance do not pay any additional fees at healthcare institutions that are both affiliated with SGK and Turkish Nippon Insurance. He said, "Our customers with TSS product do not incur additional costs at hospitals that have agreements with both SGK and our company. Furthermore, one of the most significant changes we have made in our product is the inclusion of check-up coverage as a standard service without any additional premium, which was previously optional. We now offer this service as a standard benefit. Lastly, we have expanded the dental treatment coverage that we currently provide across all our plans. We also offer customers options that suit their budgets. We have diversified our Supplementary Health Insurance product by offering the ability to have individual policies for children in specific age groups, as well as introducing 2-10 coverage plans for inpatient treatment only, inpatient + outpatient treatment, and additionally providing different network options for both of our products to offer more economical alternatives. We believe that we have created a comprehensive product that meets all needs.”

Dr. E. Baturalp Pamukçu also emphasized that Turkish Nippon Supplementary Health Insurance product has consistently grown every year since its launch in 2015, and highlighted that as of the end of 2022, their company ranks 8th in the health sector. He stated, "We will continue to increase our market share by responding to the growing demand for health insurance and accurately interpreting our customers' needs.”
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