Groupama has renewed its 'Internet Branch'

Groupama Sigorta offers many new features and ease of use to its customers in online transactions with its renewed Internet Branch. 

Groupama Insurance has renewed the ‘Internet Branch', which is logged in from the “Online Transactions” field on the corporate website. With its developed design and extensive content, the ‘Internet Branch’ will provide great convenience to its users in online transactions.

With the renewed Internet Branch, individual and corporate health insurance customers can easily access their policy information, coverage, pay details, documents, contracted institution information. In addition, the insured can submit the damage notification documents online and pay online via the website.

The Internet Branch, which will contribute to the daily and operational affairs of both individual and corporate customers and agencies, can also be used by customers for policy transactions in other branches such as automobile insurance, housing, DASK, which are open to access other than health policies. Customers can also use the newly added functions such as uploading missing documents and forwarding to the file supervisor.

Corporate customers can access many transactions such as consular letters, health insurance receipts deducted from the tax base, contracted institution information in policy plans with a few clicks from the renewed Internet Branch of Groupama Sigorta.

Frederique Guegan Tayar, Groupama Sigorta and Groupama Hayat Assistant General Manager responsible for Marketing, Corporate Communications and Customer Services, said that they have improved their customer-oriented approach with the renewed Internet Branch and pointed out: “With the epidemic period, the services offered through digital channels began to gain even more importance. As Groupama Insurance, we continue to improve our services according to the demands and expectations of our customers and agents. With our renewed website, we also make life easier and allow them to make insurance transactions with a few clicks.”

Those who want to use the Internet branch will be able to perform their transactions online by logging in with their identification number and registered mobile phone information at

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