Aksigorta's Digital Security Platform Trainings are Continuing with the Renewed Training Module

Aksigorta, which aims to raise public risk awareness in the field of digital security, continues its trainings on the Digital Security Platform that it has implemented with its renewed module. The video content prepared with the support of Boğaziçi University Lifelong Learning Center (UÇEM) offers free education to both individuals and SMEs, while also drawing attention to the awareness of risks.

Aksigorta, which makes a strong contribution to Turkey's digital security and aims to raise public risk awareness, continues its activities at full speed by renewing the training module on the Digital Security Platform that it has implemented. Video content prepared with the support of Boğaziçi University Lifelong Education Center (BÜYEM) provides free education opportunities for families and SMEs, while current news and podcasts on the subject constitute a reference information source for users. With the renewed training module, there is no longer any need to register for trainings, while video content will be available 24/7 via the Digital Security Platform website.

This platform, which aims to be ready for the risks that may arise in the process of adaptation to the digitalized world, offers answers to questions such as What is Cyber Security, What is Information Security, What is Money Security, how to ensure the security of SMS, E-Mail, WhatsApp and Social Media accounts, which we encounter frequently in our daily lives, and gives guiding warnings. The platform, which has reached over 1 million visitors since its establishment in 2020, supports both individuals and SMEs to exist with much more confidence in the digital world. 
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